That's okay, this is where I come in. As a writer whose work has been featured in The Muse and Forbes, I'll take the concept—or clay…actually, Play-Doh would be more fun—of the message you're trying to get across and mold it into something stellar. 

What kind of writing do I do?

Website Copy. Ghost writing. Branding. Content for Email Campaigns. Social Media. Blog Posts. Etc.

Basically, anything that lets people know what you offer AKA increases your cashflow AKA AKA makes you more money

With my marketing background, I have years of experience in copywriting, editing, content marketing, social media marketing…you know, all those email lists you joined but no longer read. They promised to reveal 5 secrets or 3 tips and now you're stressed out because you have 168 unread emails. And 165 of them are from those frickin' newsletters.

I also have experience being the "point of contact" for entrepreneurs and small business owners who signed big ticket contracts. I'm just as good at handholding as I am at writing.


Just shoot me an email and introduce yourself. I'm quick to respond. We can discuss what you'll be getting from me and how much it'll cost. Those are always the main questions, so why not kill the anticipation and get to the fun, creative stuff? 

You tried writing for yourself. Why didn't it work?

It's hard to write for yourself. You don't know which parts need explaining, which parts are already understood by most people, which parts you should focus on…it's just hard.

I once wrote copy for a Blockchain startup. Here's the thing about Blockchain: it's complicated. Really complicated.

It's a computer technology thingy that was used to build Bitcoin and now Wall Street is getting involved. Very…very…complicated.

After several meetings of listening to the founders explain the mechanics of Blockchain technology—some decentralized wacha-who-now…peer to peer something-or-another— we realized something. They were describing the shape of one particular sugar crystal instead of the flavor of the cookie. "Oblong? Elongated? Just tell me if the cookie has chocolate chips or raisins. Because one is the right answer and one is clearly disgusting."

Suddenly, the conversation changed. Instead of focusing on the techy stuff, we began to talk about why they started the company and what their users would get. And they went on to become an award-winning startup. So sometimes fairy tales do come true.