Nik Parks
Graphic Designer
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I’m Nik Parks, a graphic designer and artist based out of New York City. I’m originally from Arkansas* which is where I earned my degree in graphic & web design. I also have nearly ten years of experience.

This is the part where I use fluffy sounding résumé thingies like my experience spans an array of sectors and industries. But here’s the thing. Meh…it’s design. If you like the way my work looks, let’s definitely talk! Who cares about the other stuff? (But click here to see my résumé.)

I have experience starting my own side hustles* that eventually led me to running a small media agency. (P.S. if you can think of a better phrase than side-hustle, please let me know because I HATE the term hustle and I’ve now used it three times.)

Running a media agency and being the right hand person to an entrepreneur entailed a lot. Like most small service based startups, I had many different titles like digital content producermedia strategistdigital outreach something or another…you know, more business-y fluffiness. But at the heart of it all, I was a graphic designer and branding consultant for different entrepreneurs and small businesses.

My work reflects some of the many things I love. Film and television, music, plants*, animals, typography, hand lettering, motion graphics, the list basically never stops growing.

I’m also an actor, writer, and musician. You can see me performing on various stages across New York City and in short films.


“You know? I don’t think I can even find Arkansas on a map.” “Hmm…I’ve never really met anyone from Arkansas before.” “HEY! Bill Clinton’s from there, right?” Yes, I’ve heard it all before. Many, many times.


ThompsonParks LLC was a side business I started right out of college with a partner who had been a programmer on Wall St. We started a web design company—I made pretty looking things and he made sure they functioned.


A few years after that, I started a podcast with a partner called Launching Creative. Our tagline was “we teach creative individuals how to become business savvy creative professionals”. Basically, we told artists how they could be better at the business side of things.


Just years of freelancing.


Hence the plant in the photo. It’s an avocado plant I grew from a pit. I bought an avocado at the grocery store. Made guac. Enjoyed it very much. And grew this guy!